Family Focused. Like many Australians David felt as though his family home was shrinking as his teenage sons grew older. With years of experience within the construction industry the decision to build his family’s dream home seemed obvious. A modern design was chosen where comfort was prioritised and zoning employed, ensuring clever use of space. Refusing to build a standard box house David, along with his designer Roger Joyner and builder Toby Bird, set upon creating a home that is progressive in its solar-passive design and contemporary in its look. What has resulted is a stylish family home that meets the family’s needs and radiates warmth throughout. Now the boys have plenty of space to knock about and grow, and David and his wife have room for a retreat when peace and quiet is needed.

Clean Lines and Texture. During the design process David’s vision was of a contemporary home that could easily sit within the surrounding Floreat streetscape. To ensure the building successfully walked the line between personalised and familiar, he decided to adopt a modern composite look where textured finishes were artfully woven into the façade. Here the clean lines and contemporary architectural designs, were balanced against features such as the Stria, Axon, Linea and Stone cladding, which serve to ground the building.

“The house has different aspects to it, which stops it from being just a big house. Everybody likes different things- it’s a conversation starter.”
David, Floreat, WA
“Visitors are taken by the look and design, they don’t think to question whether it’s timber or double brick.”
David, Floreat, WA

This balance continues inside, with the polished concrete floor and wooden cladding providing interest and warmth. According to David it is this mixture of materials that “stops the house from simply being just a big house,” and ensures that it is “friendly, rather than stark.” Looking back, David believes that it was this attention to detail that has allowed the house to truly express the family and their style.

Comfort is Key. Having previously felt as though the family were living atop one another, the desire to provide their sons with individual space was important to David and his wife. To ensure enough room was given to the boys, and in turn themselves, they developed the upstairs area into a kids’ retreat. Here the boys’ bedrooms connect into their own living area, facilitating their hobbies and the rough and tumble that comes with visiting friends. The clever use of zones was dual purposed, as a function of the home’s solar-passive design it also acts as a means to distribute warm air in winter and promote ventilation in summer. This, along with the high levels of insulation built into the home’s frame ensures that the family is comfortable and that their power bills are limited. According to David and Roger, it is through these features that the home truly earns its ‘modern’ title, as they ensure the home runs with minimal effort and expense. David says the design is so effective that in winter a temperature of 25 degrees is standard, which allows his sons to happily live in their t-shirts and shorts all year round.

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